Terms and Conditions

Illinois Preparatory School is not an academic school. Illinois Preparatory School is an elite sport and training program. A player or parent may not sue Illinois Preparatory School for anything academic related. A player or parent/guardian may not slander Illinois Preparatory School about anything pertaining school related issues. Illinois Preparatory School is not claiming to be an educational institution. All schooling and/or educational assistance is outsourced.

Illinois Preparatory School cannot guarantee any player a scholarship, financial assistance, or anything of related to scholarship money. The only thing that we can offer is playing time and the opportunity to play in front of college coaches at various elite levels.  Illinois Preparatory School reserves the right to make all coaching and playing time decisions.  Every player is not guaranteed court time at every game or event.

In order to secure a place at Illinois Preparatory School a deposit must be made. After 5 business days, this deposit is non-refundable. Tuition is to be paid in full before the program start date according to the contract unless agreed upon.

Players are a direct reflection of Illinois Preparatory School and are expected to follow directions and advice of their coaches, mentors, and housing directors. If at any time a player causes problems with the aforementioned, or with spectators, and/or opposing players we have the right to impose discipline as we see fair. If improper behavior continues we reserve the right to send a player home with the possibility of no return. If this happens, tuition is non-refundable and further legal action maybe sought by Illinois Preparatory School if appropriate.

Illinois Preparatory School is a drug-free program and we are committed to providing an environment which is safe, quality-oriented and productive.  Alcohol and drug abuse poses a threat to the health and safety of players at Illinois Preparatory School and to the security of the company’s equipment and facilities. We reserve the right to drug test players regularly and at our own discretion when abuse of these substances is suspected.

Students must get there immunization done and have them sent to us before arrival. Students are also responsible for submitting all high school transcripts and be registered through the NCAA clearing house before arrival.

By signing up, you are agreeing that you understand the terms and conditions as seen above. You are also agreeing that you are either the player or parent who will take financial responsibility for the tuition. If you are a player you are agreeing that you are at least 18. Although you are not legally bound to enroll at Illinois Preparatory School, you are legally responsible for understanding these terms and conditions if you enroll.

If any provision in these Terms of Use is held invalid, the remainder of these Terms of Use shall continue to be enforceable. If any provision in these Terms of Use is deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable, then that provision is deemed severable from these Terms of Use and the remaining provisions are still valid and enforceable.

Housing Policy

Housing at prep school can be fun for our athletes, but it is important that we are respectful to our neighbors and to ourselves. Athletes are required to clean after themselves and share in rotating chores.  If an athlete breaks and/or damages anything in the house, he will be responsible financially.


Food Policy

Athletes at Illinois Preparatory School are the primary source of buying their own food. There are occasions where food will be provided to our students.


Hotel Policy

Athletes at Illinois Preparatory School are representatives of the organization itself.  Accordingly, athletes should conduct themselves in an appropriate, responsible manner when on trips and in hotels. This means, no loud noise, cleaning up after oneself, no drugs and/or alcohol, no running in the halls, loitering, and any other inappropriate conduct.